Without a doubt more about Step Lightly

I am choking there isn’t any fresh atmosphere to breathe, all of these chemical substances are poisoning me

Personally I think I got to get out of this place like I ain’t got no space

‘Cause everyone’s moving to fast, all i do want to do is relax

I do not desire no coronary attack, do not wanna work ‘til We break my straight back no

I do not want to see you can forget construction, in my experience it appears the same as destruction

Only want to protect Her and all sorts of She’s done, she’s got given to everyone else so

Action lightly, you may be trodding on sacred ground

Action lightly, there was beauty found, look all over

Step lightly, for your needs don’t want to keep a scar

Action lightly, and for your young ones this is forget about

The structures simply keep getting taller, available areas dem a shrinking in size

They truly are building more universities, and diversity that is destroying

But where will most of the little pets operate, to locate shelter through the burning sun

When we allow them to decrease most of the woods, and distribute their commercial infection

Have actually they heard the ocean so deep, or witnessed the waterfalls weep

Do you consider that they might be so blind, to carry the final end of humankind

Oh Mama, we observe that you are bleeding

Oh Mama, personally i think Your discomfort in my own heart

Mama we shall do my better to help them learn

Mama not to ever harm You therefore

We see them make use of You, see every how they abuse You day

Oh Lord how they break You, see every how they rape You day

They are cutting straight down the woodlands, filling up the landfills

Blackening the skyline, choking out of the sunlight

‘Til there is nothing remaining but trash, metal, sorrow and concrete

Tomorrow people this doesn’t have to be our

You will hear Her crying if you listen closely

Would you even care that she’s gradually dying

We surely got to make a big change now, if you don’t on your own then do so for your kiddies

Who are able to deny that things have now been getting therefore strange around here

And who is able to reject it’s been getting harder and harder to inhale

And who are able to reject that the types have now been vanishing because of the dozens, daily

And who is able to reject that it is been getting hotter and colder and hotter and colder on a yearly basis

They are drawing the bloodstream associated with Earth

They may be scraping in the centre of Mama world

They are fracturing the physical human anatomy of Mama world

They may be drawing the blood associated with the planet

And now we all play component inside their plan

We all perform component, overstand

Most of us allow them to lead us because of the hand

Watching because they destroy our homeland, our Motherland

And who can stand beside me and fight

Roll River Roll

I been dreaming lately ‘bout this place in the united states in which the atmosphere is clean

Unplug the cords and flip from the switches, start up my footwear and have the grass beneath my legs

In the course of time everybody else shall face this, wanna be the very first one to embrace

And kick a hole right through my tv, stay out on a big smile to my porch upon my face

‘ Cause high above the tallest skyscrapers, deeply into the cracks under the town roads

The seeds of modification happen to be growing, everywhere people oare experiencing incomplete

Unconsciously, these are typically awakening

Roll river roll, we gotta clean this place that is whole

And then make the populous city enjoy it never ever ended up being, a faded memory or even a fantasy

Roll river roll, we gotta wash these tears away

We wanna face you, never wanna not be afraid

As soon as, the streams subside as well as the saplings increase

Will we make an improved option than before

Or are we bound to remake all of the mistakes that are same more

Four siblings floated about on a raft fashioned out from the splintered keeps of the house

These were cast off to sea by a storm crazy and free and left to drift within web secret benefits the doldrums alone

One had brought silver, and another had silver, and a diamond therefore big it took two fingers to carry

Plus the third had a brush plus some lipstick and blush, to utilize had been her plan, at the very first sight of land

However the 4th sister wept, for there was clearly absolutely absolutely nothing she had kept of the broken world they left out

She wept for the three, for even now they certainly weren’t free, as she gazed upon them one final time

And while they squabbled and fought over who’d owned exactly what, she stated her goodbyes silently

And she tiptoed away from the crest of the revolution, and also the sleep had been buried when you look at the ocean

They certainly were buried into the heart associated with ocean

Roll river, black water, swallow the tears from the sky, increase greater

For 40 evenings as well as for 40 times, we are gonna need to learn how to live an easy method

Advaya’s Track

Your smile shines just like the sunlight

Little youngster, your title means one

You came through the hearts of two fans

A celebrity shot from across another sky

Although I don’t have complete great deal of cash

Although i can not purchase you a lot of things, no

I’ll offer you Love

All i need to give all of it belongs for your requirements

Walk upon my back with me, I’ll carry you

You are exhausted, therefore cranky, just take a small nap

Once you rise, rub your eyes and I also’ll be smiling back

I’ll howl as an animal to please your

We could do anything you wish to, ‘cause I

We are gonna have therefore much enjoyable, ‘cause now your life has simply begun

And each little action you take, i will be right there in the wake to view you develop

So when it is time to keep the nest i am aware that this relationship shall stay the test of the time