Jake Gyllenhaal’s Girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu Threatened To Leave Unless He Proposed?

Did Jake Gyllenhaal’s gf, French model Jeanne Cadieu, provide the star an ultimatum to propose by the conclusion of 2019? That’s the claim one tabloid made. Gossip Cop checked in to the rumors and found our personal summary.

OK! mag reported in December of 2019 that “perpetual bachelor” Jake Gyllenhaal had gotten an ultimatum from Cadieu: “Get down using one leg or it’s over,” the socket insisted. The Paris-born model had been dating Gyllenhaal for around a 12 months at that time, that was simply long enough for Cadieu to begin getting an itchy band little finger, the tabloid proclaimed. The frequently discredited book quoted a alleged “pal” whom said Cadieu “adores” Gyllenhaal “and is much more than ready to make the next thing but seems frustrated that Jake keeps dragging their legs.”

The “friend” continued to insist that the 24-year-old model ended up being “worried she’ll end up just like the sleep of his disappointed exes”

that has been the reason behind the unexpected ultimatum. “It’s a thing that’s been hanging floating around for way too very long, so now she figures it’s time for you to place her foot straight straight down or begin shifting along with her life,” the friend proceeded.

Based on the “confidant,” Cadieu felt that an ultimatum ended up being the way that is only could easily get Gyllenhaal to commit completely with their relationship. Because exactly exactly what marriage that is goodn’t begin with an ultimatum? “Jeanne can’t stay the suspense and concerns this may never ever take place unless she lays along the legislation,” the source concluded, “That’s why she’s providing him this due date. Otherwise, she’ll haven’t any option but to reluctantly walk.” Gossip Cop looked at this rumor and discovered it couldn’t be further through the truth.

First, one of dating isn’t all that long year. The socket attempted to make it look like Jeanne Cadieu was languishing by Jake Gyllenhaal’s part for a long time, waiting around for him to pop issue. In fact, Gyllenhaal went to great lengths to safeguard their life that is personal from eyes, and that includes their relationship with Cadieu. Although the two had been first linked romantically in December of 2018, it wasn’t until August of 2019 that the two made certainly one of their first general public appearances at the premiere of Spiderman: not even close to Home. Also then, the 2 wandered the carpet that is red. This indicates difficult to genuinely believe that a person who so values their privacy might have a “friend” come ahead to spill intimate information on their relationship having a tabloid.

Despite their nature that is private recently exposed to British Vogue regarding how their focus has shifted while he nears 40.

Nearing that momentous birthday has Gyllenhaal life that is“seeing a thing that is, you realize, fleeting, together with globe being because it’s now. I’ve looked to my loved ones, I’ve considered my buddies and I’ve looked to love. I’m a small less enthusiastic about the ongoing work, i might state, and much more thinking about that.” Seeing that exactly how he and Cadieu never have broken up, it is obvious to see that this alleged ultimatum just existed within the pages with this disreputable gossip cloth.

This is certainly definately not the time that is first tabloid has gotten the tale incorrect about Gyllenhaal. In reality, Gossip Cop has called down OK! designed for distributing false rumors about the Brokeback hill star. For example, the socket advertised Katy Perry’s friends urged her to dump Orlando Bloom to start out a relationship https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/naperville/ with Gyllenhaal. This demonstrably ended up being untrue, as Bloom and Perry are involved and anticipating their first youngster together. Star stated that Gyllenhaal and Calvin Harris had been developing an “ex-boyfriend club” after bonding over their previous relationship with Taylor Swift. This, too, had been totally false. It’s just like these tabloids simply make material up.


Gossip Cop has determined this whole tale is completely false.